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In our TRIBE, we aspire to be different. In this uncertain time we want to keep your dancing spirits high and your soul uplifted.


Talent Tribe is proud to announce a new dance initiative: 2 Chiefs & 2 Indians, a comp where you compete against yourself.


This is your chance to be critiqued by two top industry judges watching you perform the same routines - we all know judges critique based on their own opinions and each judge looks for different things in dancers, find out what they really looking for. You enter two solos and you receive back four very detailed critiques from high end working dancers and choreographers, national and international. 


You will see that each judge has different opinions, different ways of interpreting your style, different forms of feedback. They will give you advice of what to work on, what you are doing well and tips to improve for your next competition. All priceless information to a dancer from the experts.


What to do:

Pay the $25 entry fee by going to www.trybooking.com/BJIGM or clicking on the button above

  1. You will be sent an email after booking with a link to a dropbox to upload your solos- advised to choose two different styles so the judges can see your versatility as a performer

  2. Entries open now and close on Fri 1 May at midnight

  3. You can enter as many times as you wish, so for example if you have six solos you want critiqued, enter three times. Upload all entries to the same dropbox folder

  4. You will receive your judges critiques via email after the closing date

  5. There will be future rounds with different judges, so you can have the same solos judged or use new ones


This is open to all levels and ages including babies, specially restricted, restricted and open. The levels are not split because you are not going against anyone else - this is purely an assessment on your dancing and where you are at now. You can enter whatever style you wish.


Your videos can be from a comp or filmed at home. Where the video is filmed will have nothing to do with the critique or scores, it is all about your performance. If you do not have two routines, you can film a combo you have learnt or a student chorey you have put together or an improvisation to your favourite song.


Note that if you performed in past Talent Tribe competitions, but did not order a video, Jen King from Magic Focus Media can provide your routine. Also Gypsy Leigh Productions have all the 2019 GTB videos ready to go. You can also contact the last competition you did and they may have a record of your routine. But please note that you can also put your costume and make up on and film it in your house or backyard, you do not need to have a professional video.

Below is a sample of the two page adjudication sheets you will receive:

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