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  1. WARRIOR: Limited to competitors who have NEVER won a 1st prize at any Eisteddfod, Dance Festival or Dance Competition in that category

  2. CHIEF: Limited to competitors who HAVE won a 1st prize at any Eisteddfod, Dance Festival or Dance Competition in that Category

  3. AGE: Age as at first day of commencement of competition. Date of birth must be provided on request

  4. There are no refunds, except if a section or the event is cancelled

  5. All competitors and spectators enter at their own risk. No responsibility will be taken for any accident, injury, or loss of property. This also applies to cars parked in the grounds of the venue.

  6. All competitors will be required to confirm their attendance with the backstage manager. Competitors should arrive at least 30 minutes before their section

  7. Adjudicators decision is final. There is to be no communication with the adjudicator except for the official committee. 

  8. Any section containing more than 20 competitors may be divided into parts A and B depending on the number in attendance on the day

  9. If insufficient numbers in a section, the organiser reserves the right to amend, combine, or cancel sections at their discretion

  10. Changes to the running order of the program will be left to the discretion of the organiser.

  11. Distractions and prompting from the sides of the stage will not be tolerated whilst a competitor is performing - with the exception of the babies dance sections.This will lead to disqualification 

  12. Any competitor who has a memory lapse will be able to return to the stage to perform the routine once again for comments only

  13. Members of duos/trios can only dance in one age group with the same partner, but can dance in the same section with a different partner

  14. Competitors must only enter and compete once in a section. A change of costume or routine does not alter this rule

  15. No competitor is permitted to wear tap shoes inside the venue. This rule will be strictly enforced

  16. Props must be removed from stage as soon as possible after performance is completed and removed completely from side stage

  17. Pointe shoes are not to be worn by competitors under 12 years of age

  18. The use of videos, cameras and mobile phone photography is STRICTLY NOT PERMITTED and may lead to a competitor being disqualified. Teachers, please advise parents of this restriction. An official photographer and videographer will be available to record your dances for a fee

  19. All rubbish and items must be removed from the venue and change rooms when you leave. Please leave change rooms and hall in the clean and tidy condition in which they were found

  20. No smoking is permitted anywhere on school grounds

  21. The TALENT TRIBE organiser shall decide on any matter not covered by these rules, and its decision in any question or dispute shall be final. Any rule may be amended at the discretion of the committee

  22. By entering into the competition, you agree to comply with all the rules laid down by the Committee

  23. Talent Tribe has the right to refuse entry to any competitor or competitor’s representative who behaves in an unacceptable manner.

  24. A transfer can only be requested due to injury and a medical certificate from your General Practitioner MUST be presented. The Dancer Registration Fee will be charged to cover administration and comps-online/paypal fees. The transfer to another event will only be dependent on routine availability.

  25. Please note that we will be taking photos throughout the competition for social media & promotional purposes, please advise via email if you do not wish your child to be photographed –

  26. If the adjudicator has taught any competitor a routine they are adjudicating, they are eligible for critiques only – no placings. The Talent Tribe team MUST be notified of this prior to the competitor competing.

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